White Opal Necklace

White Opal Necklace

This pendant was carefully hand wrapped with pure bare copper wire. Held within the wire is a beautiful Ethiopian Opal. 💫

Opal provides users an overwhelming sense of calm. This, in turn, encourages honesty, faith, truth, purity, and loyalty. In addition, the stone is dedicated to providing strength and healing to one’s emotional existence. It pushes and encourages users to be honest with themselves at all times.

The stone has potent internal energy that draws all emotions to the surface level, allowing you to handle the situation with a clearer, decisive mind. It also helps users get rid of negative emotions and soothes their sadness. This then makes the user feel more in control and unruffled.

Besides, opal stimulates one’s confidence, positivity, and ability to love. Over time, the stone has been considered a jewel of happy changes. This is because it evokes joy from the understanding that the user has unlimited potential to meet their future aspirations.

Each pendant comes with a copper chain 18 inches long and a polishing pad.

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