Peppermint Cheer Artisan Soap

Peppermint Cheer Artisan Soap

This is not just any peppermint soap, this one is gently scented with an essential oil blend of Peppermint and Orange! Combining mint with citrus brings peppermint to a whole new level of sensual rejuvenation! Melt your tension and stress away with this soothing soap.


INGREDIENTS (in order of weight)

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, 
Sodium Hydroxide (soaponifying agent), Essential oils of Peppermint & Orange, Kaolin Clay, Australian red Reef Clay. 


All of our products are handmade with Love and Passion by my significant other and I. As of right now we make small batches in Fayetteville, NY using the Cold Process method, meaning that we make the soap from scratch, choosing each ingredient deliberately. 

This gives us full control of what ingredients are in the soap. Our soaps are then cured for 4-6 weeks. This ensures the water has evaporated from the soap, leading to a harder, longer lasting bar. 

Our soap is artistically designed making each bar is unique, no one looking exactly like the other. Since they are handcrafted and hand cut, the bar you receive may differ slightly in appearance from those pictured. Each bar is one of a kind!


The lather that is produced by our soaps is a creamy lotion like lather with smaller bubbles. This is due to a high amount of conditioning oils and butters in our soap recipe. Using a Loofa will help to produce a more bubbly lather. 


Each ingredient is chosen purposefully for the properties that they offer in the soap and for your skin! 


*Olive oil is known to be moisturizing, conditioning and fights bacteria.


*Coconut oil may help to reduce inflammation, the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil posses antimicrobial properties that can protect the skin from harmful bacteria.


*Shea Butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins that may provide anti-inflammatory and healing to the skin. Shea butter may soften, condition, tone, and soothe the skin.


*Castor Oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. It also has antibacterial properties and may be able to reduce puffiness, moisturize and promote overall skin health.



- these bars weigh approx 3.75oz each in weight. Each bar is hand cut so the weight will slightly vary.

- bar dimensions are Approx 2.75" w x 3" h x 1" d









Place your soap in a dish that drains and ensure that it doesn't get wet between uses. This is optional, but it will definitely make your soap last longer.

If irritation occurs, stop use immediately. For external use only. Keep out of eyes and mouth.


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